Dariusz   &   Jan   uczkowski

Welcome to our website!

This website is made to share with you everything we have been up to, are up to, hope to be up to.... you know, we're actors, life is a constant waiting game, but we LOVE it and it builds us for a future that is full of unexpected events.

We started acting many, many moons ago, you'll see pix of shoots we worked on, as early as 5 years old.  

Tae Kwon Do is also a big part of our lives. You'll also see pix of the different tests and tournaments we've competed in.  We have had some of the top Masters of Tae Kwon Do as our instructors.

Feel free to browse around, book us :), or just give us a shout out!

We both have our own page with pictures/reels/resume.

We will update the site as much as time allows since we want you to part of our journey too.

Acting is our way of life.

What is yours?

Peace out~

Dariusz & Jan 



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